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     A boy who is immune to the effects of The Signal deep below the surface is chosen to stop it once and for all!

Explore a Beautiful Handcrafted World - Run and Jump through beautiful handcrafted levels with lore and people sprinkled throughout them...man I LOVE sprinkles...

Sick Physics Based Puzzles - Solve physics-based puzzles like pushing boxes to make a jump or knocking something loose to get through a small gap.

Filled with Life  - Throughout the cave system you'll meet funny, bizarre people/things/whatever, creepy monsters, and huge beasts...including the one guarding that creepy signal...


Art, Music and Design by Henry Park

Additional sound effects obtained from zapsplat.org


Thanks for checking out my game! At the moment its been almost six months of work on it, and its been crazy working on it because it has been a dream of mine for years to make a fully commercial game. Thank you to all my friends, and my family, for helping me pursue this dream!

Development log


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the first level is too hard bro but keep going it looks nice

Thanks! I definitely could work on the fairness to players of the levels.